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Share secrets

Generate a secure link to share your secrets.

Now sharing secrets is 100% safe. Keep control, because you can decide how many times and for how long it can be displayed, once these variables are met it will no longer be visible. Take advantage of this tool that also helps to comply with all security protocols in a very easy and simple way.


Protect your secrets

Prevent your secrets (passwords, api key, etc.) from being recorded in chat logs or emails where you lose control of the views.

Access Share secrets

encripted secrets

Client encryption

The secret is encrypted and decrypted on the client (in your browser), so no one (including us) will be able to see the secret if it is not with the generated link.

Access Share secrets

Log secrets


You will be able to keep track of all accesses to the secret, even when it has not been shown because it is expired.

Access Share secrets

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Aggregator of news and articles related to the Azure cloud.

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